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Close-up of a young man, a famine victim on the streets of Kharkiv

CreatorWienerberger, Alexander, 1891-1955, PhotographerMedia TypeImageTextItem TypesPhotographsPhotograph albumsAlbum coversDescriptionWe are shown the upper body of a young man from the countryside lying dead on the sidewalk of a residential neighborhood of Kharkiv. He is surrounded by the feet of onlookers – urban residents, judging by the shoes. According to the photographer, the fact that this sight has elicited considerable attention may mean that the presence of dead or dying people on the streets is still uncommon, at least in this Kharkiv neighborhood.

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For further information on: The fate of Ukraine’s rural migrants in the cities, see “Context Note” under Related Features at right.
NotesPhoto source: Wienerberger, Alexander. Die Hungertragödie in Südrussland 1933; also known as the Innitzer Album, 1934. Album cover insert.

This is one of 25 photographs depicting life and death in and around Kharkiv during the Holodomor that the photographer put together in a small album with a handwritten title: Die Hungertragödie in Südrussland 1933 [The Tragedy of Famine in South Russia 1933.] He presented the album to the Roman Catholic Cardinal Theodor Innitzer of Vienna in 1934 as an expression of appreciation for the Cardinal’s efforts in trying to organize an international campaign to assist the victims of starvation in 1933. The album is housed in the collections of the Diözesanarchiv, Vienna, Austria.

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InscriptionsHandwritten title on album: “Die Hungertragödie in Südrussland.” [The tragedy of Famine in southern Russia.]Date of Originalspring-summer 1933DimensionsWidth: 24 cm
Height: 13.8 cm
Image DimensionsImage Width: 10cm
Image Height: 6.8cm

Local identifierPD1CollectionAlexander Wienerberger: Innitzer albumLanguage of ItemGermanGeographic Coverage

Copyright StatementProtected by copyright: Uses other than research or private study require the permission of the rightsholder(s). Responsibility for obtaining permissions and for any use rests exclusively with the user.Copyright HolderSamara Pearce CitationWienerberger, Alexander. 1933. [Album cover photo insert.] Die Hungertragödie in Südrussland 1933. Vienna: Diözesanarchiv der Erzdiözese, [1934]. Retrieved from: of OriginalDiözesanarchiv – Bibliothek, Vienna, Austria. Please contact this archive for official reproductions.Terms of UseRightsholder requests that the name of the photographer, Alexander Wienerberger, accompany each authentic reproduction of his work.Reproduction NotesReproduced with the permission of rightsholder Samara Pearce and the Diözesanarchiv – Bibliothek, Vienna, Austria.