• Holodomor90 Blog Editorial Guidelines
  • How to Submit

    Please email submissions as an attached, editable (.doc) document per the guidelines below to info@holodomor90.com.

    The editorial style on the Holodomor90 blog is based on the AP (Associated Press) Stylebook. An initial response from the editorial team can be expected within 2 to 3 business days, on average. Writers may follow up sooner for submissions that require timely publication.

  • Topics

    All posts must clearly relate to the Holodomor. Posts should be written for at least one of the following purposes:

    Educate & Inform: Published pieces will help readers understand the history, causes and consequences of the Holodomor.

    Advocate: Posts will raise awareness and call for action to remember the Holodomor as genocide so it will never be repeated in human history.

    Feature writing on points of historical interest

    Opinion and Commentary on recent news in which there is a direct link to the Holodomor

    Reviews and critiques of books, film, and art related to the Holodomor

    Commentary on media, articles, videos, or podcasts

  • Format/ Length / Word Count

    Target length for most blog posts is 750 words, to encourage readability and clarity. Posts should be written in a traditional, non-fiction, journalistic style, usually in the third person. All posts must be rooted in fact, with verifiable evidence to support the thesis statements. Typical blog post formats include:

  • Alternate Formats

    While most posts will be a single-author essays and manuscripts, alternate formats will be considered for publication, to include, but not limited to:

    • Q&A’s
    • Blessings, prayers, or poems
    • First-person remembrances
    • Video
    • Audio recordings
    • Photo essays

    Holodomor90 reserves the right to determine what is unacceptable content or formatting on a case-by-case basis.

  • Call To Action

    A good blog post for Holodomor90 may include a call-to-action, e.g., the post may call for official recognition of the Holodomor as genocide, invites readers to participate in an event, petition, poll, or survey, to watch a film, read a text, or listen to an audio recording. To encourage engagement, posts may list ideas, pose a question, or ask users to post their own thoughts.

  • Citations / References

    All claims and facts must be cited. To cite sources, please hyperlink the appropriate phrases in your text with URLs. Incorporate all academic-style footnotes or endnotes directly into your paragraph text. Where links are unavailable, reference them through an explanation or in parentheses. Avoid use of the words “click here” or “here” when linking to a referenced item. Instead, link to a relevant part of the sentence.

  • Editing

    All posts are edited by Holodomor90 for grammar, punctuation, style, and editorial flow. The blog’s editors occasionally will return a submission to its author to suggest changes, omissions, and/or additions that the editing team deems necessary to strengthen the post such that it may become appropriate for publishing on the blog(s).

  • Article Title

    All submissions should include a suggested title, subject to modification by blog editors. A compelling title that is descriptive of the content of the post will garner more readers.

  • Bio/ Photo/ Contact Info

    All posts should be signed using the author’s real name. A one- or two-line bio should be supplied with the author’s title, position, and, if pertinent, affiliation/ relationship to the Holodomor. Please declare any connections or affiliations that may have bearing on your blog submission.

    Writers are encouraged to provide a high-resolution photo (headshot) as a separate file attachment (.jpg, .png), as well as email address, social media (Twitter/ LinkedIn/ etc.) handles or other contact information for readers.

  • Feature Photos / Images

    Photos and Images are very helpful for publication and distribution and may be submitted along with your piece as separate file attachments (.jpg, .png). The submission should include: 1) express permission to publish on Holodomor90 in perpetuity, 2) credit or attribution, and 3) caption information if needed for clarity. If no image is provided, generally, a copyright-free image will be selected at the discretion of the Holodomor90 campaign.

  • Video

    Videos that have been posted on YouTube or Vimeo may be embedded in a blog post without permission from the original poster.

  • Re-posts

    Holodomor90 does not require exclusive rights to the publication. Writers may retain full copyright to their work. Reposting on other media, in whole or in part, is encouraged, preferably with proper attribution and a URL / hyperlink to the original post on the Holodomor90.com website. Similarly, previously published works re-posted to the Holodomor90 blog will include attribution to the original source with a URL / hyperlink at the top.

  • Corrections

    Corrections to published works may be requested by writing to info@holodomor90.com.

  • Terms And Conditions

    Any material that is defamatory or violates the rights or privacy of others in any way is not permitted, and blog editors have the right to remove material that is deemed as such.

  • Advertising

    Posts should not read as advertisements, brochures, marketing pieces, or donor solicitations for any event, program or offering, as such posts will discredit the integrity of the blog as a place for discussion of Holodomor issues.

  • Promotion

    Posts may be promoted via social media channels affiliated with Holodomor90, including but not limited to:

    Social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)

    Email newsletters and listservs

    Cross-posting on affiliates’ websites or blogs

    Encouraging staff, board members, affiliates, and others to read, comment and share posts

    Blog authors are strongly encouraged to promote their posts using their personal social networks and to share their posts with their congregations for further promotion.

  • Payment

    At this time, Holodomor90 does not offer payment to its bloggers.

    Thanks for your interest in the Holodomor90 blog, and we look forward to reviewing your work.