Ukrainian Community Food Drive in Commemoration of the 90th Anniversary of the Holodomor

Ukrainian Community Food Drive in Commemoration of the 90th Anniversary of the Holodomor 

BCU Financial is partnering with BCU Foundation, the League of Ukrainian Canadians, the League of Ukrainian Canadian Women, the Ukrainian Youth Associations of Etobicoke, Hamilton, Mississauga, and Ottawa, Yuriy Lypa Ukrainian School and the Paul Yuzyk Academy of Toronto in a Ukrainian Community Food Drive in commemoration of the 90th Anniversary of the Holodomor-Famine Genocide in Ukraine.

Collected canned and dry goods will benefit the St. James Food Basket in Toronto, Food Share Hamilton, and the Ottawa Food Bank.

Items needed: canned fish, canned or dry vegetables, cereal, whole grains, rice, flour, sugar and honey, cooking oil, coffee, and tea.

Please join the greater Ukrainian community in supporting those who need assistance in our own local communities, as we remember those who perished in the Holodomor.

Let’s make a difference in the lives of our local families who need our help!


Date, Time & Location

November 15-30, 2023
All BCU Financial Branches
During Branch Hours

League of Ukrainian Canadians/League of Ukrainian Canadian Women
9 Plastics Ave., Toronto
9:00-5:00, Weekdays

Saturday November 18th and 25th
Yuri Lypa Ukrainian Heritage Academy
110 Tenth St., Toronto (9:00-1:00)

Paul Yuzyk Academy of Toronto
811 Islington Ave., Toronto (9:00-1:00)

Lesia Ukrainka Ukrainian School
35 Melrose Ave., Ottawa (9:00-12:00)

Ukrainian Youth Association, Etobicoke
482 Horner Ave., Etobicoke (2:15-4:15)

Ukrainian Youth Association, Mississauga
1222 Fewster Dr, Mississauga (2:30-6:30)

Ukrainian Youth Association, Ottawa
913 Carling Ave (12:30-2:30)

Ukrainian Youth Association, Hamilton
Holy Spirit Church Hall 15 St. Olga Street (12:00-2:00)