“Holodomor. Chroniclers” SF Premiere Screening

“Holodomor. Chroniclers” SF Premiere Screening

On Saturday, November 25, 2023, Ukraine commemorates the 90th anniversary of the Holodomor genocide. Millions of Ukrainians perished from starvation because of the man-made famine orchestrated by the totalitarian Stalin’s regime.

“Holodomor. Chroniclers” (by Suspilne Ukraine and Fresh Production Group) is the first documentary attempt to tell everything that is important to know about the Holodomor. It chronicles the most horrific events in the history of Ukraine – the famine that was artificially created by the communist regime of the USSR to destroy the Ukrainian people.

The authors focus on the search for the formula of genocide. Together with leading Holodomor researchers, they are looking for an answer as to why it is not enough to understand only Stalin’s genocidal intentions to explain the scale of the catastrophe. The first component of this formula is the world’s indifference. Why did the world fail to react adequately to the deaths of millions of people in the middle of Europe? How did the Soviet secret services mislead the world? Why did Western governments prefer to turn a blind eye to the stunning facts and gruesome details of the starvation deaths reported by their diplomats?

In four series: “The Capital of Despair”, “Hurrah for Stalin”, “The Horsemen of the Apocalypse”, and “The Shadow”, the project authors conduct a detailed historical investigation into how it happened that the world knew and remained silent, what exactly was known and to whom, and how we can work through this trauma.

The premiere screening of the first part of the “Holodomor. Chroniclers” documentaries series is organized by the Berkeley-based nonprofit “Ukraine Matters” and the Ukrainian American Coordinating Council in partnership with the Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco, and the AI for Good Foundation.

Admission is FREE. Registration is required. Please reserve a spot here.


Date & Time

Saturday, November 25, 2023

6 – 8 pm PST

6:00 PM

Doors open at 6 pm, film watching begins at 6:15 pm, and a follow-up discussion will occur at 7:00 pm.


345 7th St

San Francisco, CA 94103