#ShineALight on Holodomor Awareness Day: November 25, 2023

Holodomor Awareness Day: November 25, 2023

Join Holodomor90 on Holodomor Awareness Day

To memorialize the 90th Anniversary of the Holodomor genocide in Ukraine, November 2023 has been declared: “Holodomor Awareness Month” and Nov. 25, 2023 is Holodomor Awareness Day. Individuals and organizations across the country and around the globe are hosting events and activities to commemorate the anniversary.

Many will make #ShineALight videos to post on social media to stand with Ukraine’s past, present, and future with the hashtag: #IBelieveInUkrainesFuture.

What is #ShineALight?

Individuals and groups are invited to #ShineALight on the history of genocide that plagued Ukraine in 1932 and 1933, under Soviet dictatorship. To stand up for Ukraine’s future, users are invited to post “selfie” images or videos to their social media during November for Holodomor Awareness.  

Supporters are also invited to find a candlelight vigil near you and to join friends, family, and other advocates in remembering the victims of Holodomor.  Then, be sure to post pictures from your candlelight event.

Inviting a friend to join you is the most important part. You are the most powerful advocate there is! 

How to Participate in #ShineALight?

Attend a Candlelight Vigil 

1 – Visit the “Get Involved” page at to find a candlelight vigil near you.

2 – Make a plan and invite a friend to join you.

3 – Post a video from the event to your social media with the hashtags #ShineALight and #Holodomor90.

Post a #ShineALight Selfie Video: 

1 – Take a video of yourself lighting a candle.

2 – Say your name, why you are supporting Holodomor Awareness, and the name of the person you are inviting to continue the chain.

3 – Post your video to Instagram or another social media platform with the hashtags #ShineALight and #Holodomor90.

4 – Be sure to tag your friend or friends.

Here are some other ways you can take action to on Holodomor Awareness Day: 

Here are some other ways you can take action to support Holodomor awareness:

1 – Sign the Petition to encourage President Joe Biden to officially recognize “Holodomor as Genocide”.

2 – Submit a blog post about why you think recognizing the “Holodomor as Genocide” is important.

3 – Get the official Sunflower Holodomor candle from Door County Candle Company, which is donating 100% of the profits to Holodomor90 partner, Razom for Ukraine.

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