holodomor presentation
NYC High School Student To Deliver Award-Winning Holodomor Presentation

NYC High School Student Delivers Award-Winning Holodomor Presentation

High school sophomore, Yulian Dlaboha, from Regis High School in Manhattan will deliver his award-winning presentation on the Holodomor that
won first place in a national competition among 9 and 10 graders at the Englewood Public Library in Englewood, NJ.

This year marks the 90th Anniversary of one of the greatest tragedies in contemporary history – Holodomor, which means “death by hunger” in the Ukrainian language, а genocide of the Ukrainian nation committed in 1932–1933. Soviet dictator, Stalin, created it in order to suppress Ukrainians and, ultimately, eliminate Ukrainian resistance to the regime, including efforts to build an independent Ukrainian state. The plan to destroy the Ukrainian nation was to confiscate all wheat and other food items from the people and deny them access to any salvation. To escape death by starvation, people in the villages ate anything that was edible: grass, acorns, and even cats and dogs.

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Date & Time

Tuesday, September 12 · 7 – 8 pm EDT


Englewood Public Library, Mackay Room
31 Engle Street Englewood, NJ 07631