Visual Design and Augmented Reality Expands the Story of the Holodomor
Explore the artistic endeavors of Yuliya Fedorovych, a Ukrainian graphic designer who uses her talent to raise awareness about the Holodomor.
Holodomor Films to Watch This Fall 2023
Holodomor Films that serve as a stark reminder of the devastating consequences of unchecked political power and the lives lost during the Holodomor.
holodomor advocacy
Holodomor Advocacy, Aid by UNWLA Dates Back to 1933 
The UNWLA started Holodomor advocacy and aid work in 1933, when the group formed "The Emergency Relief Committee for Starving  Ukrainians."
Teaching Genocide in Schools
How do you teach children and young adults about genocide, such as the Holodomor in Ukraine, where millions of people died? Do we even need to teach them abo...
Holodomor Books to Read This Fall 2023
Explore the narratives of the Holodomor and the truth the Soviets tried to bury with our curated list of essential reads.
holodomor summer school
Holodomor Summer School: Human Rights Education Training for Educators
An exciting initiative in Ukraine for the past six years has been the establishment of a summer school on human rights education training and the Holodomor f...
holodomor survivor stories
Memoirs and “Ego-Documents” Provide Evidence of Holodomor
HREC Research Associate Oksana Vynnyk describes the value of "ego documents"--or personal accounts--in the modern study of the Holodomor genocide.
New Database of Holodomor Voices of Survivors Published in 2023
William Pidzamecky, Research Associate at HREC, describes how historians record and preserve evidence of the Holodomor to make firsthand information accessib...
holodomor propaganda
Hiding the Truth: “Victorious Socialism” Propaganda Hid the Great Famine in Ukraine
Dr. Henry H. Prown, a Temerty Fellow at HREC, explains how communist propaganda known as "Victorious Socialism" shaped American political discourse and cover...
Holodomor Evidence
The Holodomor Was Considered Genocide Before “Genocide” Was Officially A Crime
University of Alberta history professor Frank Sysyn's research shows the extent to which Ukrainian communities in America and elsewhere knew the Holodomor wa...