Holodomor Commemoration – SoCal Holodomor Genocide Committee
Join the SoCal Holodomor Genocide Committee to remember and honor the victims of the Holodomor on Nov. 12 at 3 pm.
Mr. Jones Screening & Panel Discussion
Denison University will be hosting a Mr. Jones screening and panel discussion.
18th Century Art Exhibit: “Ukraine‚Äôs Peoples Revealed!”
Columbia University's Harriman Institute Atrium in NYC will host early 18-century paintings from the Swedish National Museum on exhibit. The 26 reproduction ...
holodomor presentation
NYC High School Student To Deliver Award-Winning Holodomor Presentation
High school sophomore, Yulian Dlaboha, from Regis High School in Manhattan will deliver his award-winning presentation on the Holodomor that won first place...
Holodomor Online Exhibition 2023
Online Exhibition: 20th-Century Depictions of Holodomor
The Ukrainian History and Education Center's online Holodomor exhibition 2023 explores diverse 20th-century artistic interpretations of the Holodomor.