Candlelight Vigil – Festival Park, CO
Ukrainians of Colorado would like to invite you to attend the Vigil to commemorate the Holodomor.
Holodomor Films Screening
The Ukrainian Students' Society (USS), in cooperation with the Canadian Institute of Ukrainian Studies (CIUS) invites you to a dual-feature film screening in...
Holodomor Commemoration & Mr. Jones Film Screening
Join the Ukrainian Association of Washington State on November 19, 2023, for a remembrance ceremony and movie screening event at the University of Washington.
Illinois Holocaust Museum
Exhibition: “We Were Killed Because We Are Ukrainians”
Illinois Holocaust Museum hosts an exhibition, "We Were Killed Because We Are Ukrainians" to show the Holodomor as a process, not a phenomenon.
Commemorating Holodomor – Ukrainian Cultural Association of Ohio
Join the Ukrainian Cultural Association of Ohio to make some varenyky (perogies), socialize, and give back to the community in Columbus.
Holodomor Memorial Exhibit
In collaboration with North Shore Community College the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America - Boston Branch has opened an exhibit of nine banners Providi...
Memorial March
The Ukrainian-American community will mark the 90th anniversary of the Holodomor, Stalin's 1932-1933 Famine Genocide in Ukraine, with a march in NYC.
Holodomor Commemoration – Ukrainian Canadian Congress
Join the UCC to commemorate the 90th solemn anniversary of the Holodomor.
Candlelight Vigil – DC Holodomor Memorial
Join Holodomor90 in shedding light on one of the darkest chapters in history and honoring the memory of millions who perished during the Holodomor, on Holodo...
Dr. Andriy Kohut
Live Holodomor Conversation: Dr. Andriy Kohut, John Packer & moderated by Olga Kamenchuk
Dr. Andriy Kohut, Director of the Sectoral State Archive of the Security Service of Ukraine, and John Packer, Director of the Human Rights Research and Educa...