Holodomor Petition
Holodomor90 Urges President Biden to Recognize Holodomor as Genocide
During this 90th anniversary year, Holodomor activists have launched a petition asking U.S. President Joe Biden to be the first American President to issue a...
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Teaching Genocide in Schools
How do you teach children and young adults about genocide, such as the Holodomor in Ukraine, where millions of people died? Do we even need to teach them abo...
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Holodomor90 Adds Five New Partners
Five Partners Join Holodomor90 to Organize Candlelight Vigils in November 2023   
International Ukrainian Groups Unite to Call for Official Recognition for “Holodomor as Genocide” on the 90th Anniversary of the Man-made Famine  Washin...
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Holodomor Books to Read This Fall 2023
Explore the narratives of the Holodomor and the truth the Soviets tried to bury with our curated list of essential reads.
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Holodomor Blog Writers
Calling Holodomor Blog Writers: Share Your Voice in Commemorating the Holodomor’s 90th Anniversary
The Holodomor90 blog is now accepting submissions from Holodomor blog writers to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the Holodomor.
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The Russian Way of Waging War
Since the beginning of Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Putin's regime and its war has drawn significant parallels to Stalin's crimes against t...
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The Holodomor90 anti-genocide campaign unites the greater Ukrainian community and organizations from across the world for the genocide’s 90th Holodomor Memor...
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Holodomor90 Anniversary Logo
Join the 2023 90th Holodomor Anniversary Campaign
The "Holodomor90" campaign has been set into motion to bring together advocates, organizations, and individuals from around the world to honor the millions o...
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holodomor summer school
Holodomor Summer School: Human Rights Education Training for Educators
An exciting initiative in Ukraine for the past six years has been the establishment of a summer school on human rights education training and the Holodomor f...
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holodomor survivor stories
Memoirs and “Ego-Documents” Provide Evidence of Holodomor
HREC Research Associate Oksana Vynnyk describes the value of "ego documents"--or personal accounts--in the modern study of the Holodomor genocide.
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